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Locating An Emergency Dentist In Springfield

CrisDental Provides Urgent Dental CareWhen you need a quality emergency dentist in Springfield OR, you can turn to Crisdental’s emergency services in addition to its many other dental services from family care to cosmetic dentistry. An emergency procedure can produce much anxiety, so you want to get the best you can in emergency dental care should the need arise. Knowing a bit about the kinds of treatment you receive in emergencies and regular dental care can help you get treatment as soon as possible so that you do now worsen the condition.

Root Canal Treatment

An emergency root canal is probably one of the most dreaded forms of treatment for anyone who has ever needed to seek dental care. However, you will only need a root canal treatment if the damage to your tooth or teeth will be damaged from decay or is already dead. When you seek this type of care, you want to make sure you find a dentist who will make sure this is the last resort and not needlessly perform a potentially painful procedure.

You are most likely to need a root canal in cases such as the development of an abscess or other infection. The procedure should not only stop the infection but also any discomfort you feel from toothaches. It is also meant to help your heal. While an endodontist, or doctor who specializes in diseases involving tooth pulp, can perform the procedure, a general dentist is also qualified. In either case, you will be given a local anesthesia to numb the affected area before operating.

Necessary Tooth Removal

Of course, root canals are not the only kind of urgent dental care you have to seek. Sometimes a routine tooth extraction can be necessary, especially in the case of a cracked or damaged tooth that could open the door to disease and infection. An oral surgeon can perform the surgery, but a general dentist is also qualified depending upon the extent of the damage. In fact, a stronger general anesthesia may be used rather than a local anesthesia if several teeth have to be removed.

When you go to Crisdental for a tooth extraction, you should also know about other options if you want to replace the missing tooth. For instance, a permanent or removable bridge can be used or you may want to go with a denture or implant. You may also want to discuss other risks with the surgery such as stitches and how to take care of your teeth after surgery. This way you can heal faster and prevent any further damage to the affected area and other teeth.

Emergency Dental Care

These are only a few of the kinds of care an emergency dentist at Crisdental can provide for you. Knowing you will get the best care during an emergency or routine treatment can go far in helping you ease your mind and not delay the treatment you need. Also, getting quality care at a low cost is important for those who do not see a dentist when they should because they cannot afford it.


Emergency dentist care services provided by Crisdental. We offer tooth extraction, root canals, endotontist, and oral surgery.

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